Keep Your Car Clean and Tidy

1. Put Your Loose Change in an Empty Gum Container 

I do not always use cash. However, Joseph love to use cash, so he usually carries coins in his pocket. The coins usually end up in the car’s cup holders. I usually use cup holders for water bottles. Therefore, you can put the coins in an empty gum container to keep your car organized. 

Once you fill the container with coins, you can remove the container from your car. You can even change the coins into cash in a bank. 

2. Create a Car Kit 

If you always forget to pack something, you might want to create a car kit. In fact, you can buy a large bag with several pockets or even buy a small storage tub. You constantly use some of the things in your car. Therefore, you need to gather these things in one location. It is better to organize everything in your car. 

I have the following things in my car: 

  • Flashlight
  • Grocery bags
  • Wet wipes
  • Sunscreen
  • Feminine products
  • First-aid supplies
  • Bug spray

If you have most of these things, you can organize them in that box or bag. Then, put the bag or box in a convenient place. Store your everyday items in one location. 

3. Use a Foam Brush to Dust Vents 

Air vents get dirty over time. If you do not regularly clean your air vents, they can become gross. Therefore, you will have a hard time cleaning them. In fact, you can store a foam brush inside your new car kit. You will use the foam brush to clean the vents. Dust your vents regularly to keep them clean. 

It is better to dust your vents every few weeks. This can help keep the vents clean. 

4. Use DIY Upholstery Cleaner to Freshen Your Car Seats 

It is easy for car seats to collect dirt, melted chocolate, crumbs, and many more. I decided to search for good and cheap upholstery. However, I ended up creating one from scratch. It is easy to create an upholstery cleaner. This is because it is easy to find the necessary ingredients in your home. So, learn how to create a DIY upholstery cleaner and use it to freshen your car seats. It can also be used on your Ford car mats.

5. Use Water and Toothpaste to Shine Cloudy Headlights 

If you want to make your vehicle look fresh and new, you need to shine your headlights. However, it is expensive to purchase headlight cleaners. Do not buy them. Why? They might not even work. 

Someone told me to use water and toothpaste to shiny cloudy headlights. I did not believe it at first. However, I decided to go ahead and use water and toothpaste to clean my cloudy headlights. Once I completed cleaning the headlights, I saw a huge difference. 

6. Applying Rain-X Keeps the Windshields Clean 

I do not like bugs. I hate them when they stick to my car. If the bugs cover your car, they can make your car look so gross. Therefore, you can use Rain-X to keep your windshields bug-free and clean. 

7. Put Your Napkins in the Glove Compartment 

Do not throw away extra napkins from drive-thru’s and fast-food restaurants. You will find that you will need these napkins in your car. You can use the napkins to wipe runny noses or clean up spills. It is more expensive to purchase disposable paper goods in the long run. Therefore, keeping the extra napkins can save you more money since you will not have to buy them from the store.

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